Why aren’t you quitting your job?

“I feel suffocated.”
“I am dying daily.”
“I am not meant for this.”

This is what people say, who believe they are stuck in the wrong job. Alright, so why don’t you make a move and grab what you have to do?

“I have a plan, I am just waiting for the right time to execute it.”

And how would you describe that ‘right time’ be? Waiting for just another appraisal for the feel good factor that you can have so that you can brag about it for the next one year, with the ‘killing’ part of your job standing right behind you!

Do you find the daily routine that you follow, exciting and joyous?
Do you feel your job gives you a kick?
A simple one, are you enjoying doing whatever you are asked to do, as your job?

Those stuck with ‘no’  as an answer, are well, like me!
Welcome to club of eternal non-happiness. We are the breed who can crib about their respective jobs for as long as we want, but cannot gather the strength-in-pieces to resign.

I know, ‘resignation’ gives you shudders.  It is in fact a big decision, rather, a high risk decision.  So what, if you have a high blood pressure, a sensational back pain, a forever sad look on your face, which is further enhanced by the growing bald patch on your overused head!
I mean, seriously! Who cares, right?


You are going where all others are going. You are following them, not your dream. You stepped out of college, blindfolded yourself, and jumped into a well. It is high time you accept, whatever you are doing, if it is not making you happy, you ought to change it.

What exactly you think is stopping you to make that decision?

1. Right time?
There is no such thing as right time. The sooner you make a decision, the better it is. Why slug in a job where you see no future. And if you don’t see a future anywhere, you better go soul searching.

Company as in the name or the company of your friends? Well, a brand is a brand, but if you don’t have a life, you will, for sure, die an unbranded-death.
Friends or colleagues? Seriously? You are working and earning, not playing with your kindergarten buddies.
You create an environment yourself! People matter, but only when  you are happy about everything you are doing.

3.Guarantee of success?
This is tricky, I know. You leave a well established job, knowing nothing about the next venture you plan to start. The success rates are not visible from where you stand. Agreed. But so is life!
Trust yourself, and take a leap of faith.

You don’t take the decisions of life for a short term basis. You think and you rethink. And when you start rethinking, you over think!
Sometimes, in life, some decisions taken in an impulse, are the decisions you always want. Not that being impulsive is the requirement of the hour, but thinking over and over again, can screw your life!

For some confused souls, the questions still holds, Why aren’t you quitting your job?”


Black hole in your life?


You are at peace, but your life is running. And the peace-in-parts that you have inside is running for life.
“Could you please stop crying now” – It sounded something less than consoling. The mind said it is a request, the heart claimed, it is said with irritation, the peace inside told me to take it calmly and the life that kept running, way ahead of time, well, it did not bothered to stop anyway.
Wouldn’t you agree more to the state of mind, where you feel like you have little people inside your brain, working in their little cubicles?
In my mind, well, these people are working on different files in order to complete every possible thinkable task around and what do I get as the end product? – A bowl full of chaotic noodles!
I was crying, and I wanted to know as to what is it that I am trying to find an answer for.  Is it my career? Or my future? Something to do with my job that I quit?
I couldn’t understand any part of it, until, I felt the urge to talk to someone.
Ok, who should I talk to?
WAIT!! That is it. I found it.
And then, it felt like, all the tiny little people inside my head went for a vacation. It was there, in front of me.
That was the first time when I had to check who all are online and out of the available ones, who are worth talking to. But, you cannot always arrange tequila in response to the lemons, offered on a silver plate by life!
But something happened.
“Hey, check this out” – read a ping, by a friend with some link of some recent post he wrote.
With the entire burden in my head, I opened it, read a few lines and realized, my life offered me tequila as well, I just forgot to look behind those big lemons.
The post was for me. A dedicated post.
Some appreciation that I was looking forward to. Something, that made me smile. Something that made the rest of my day bright and colourful, which otherwise went dull.
What a better way of looking at it from a different perspective altogether!
What a better way to be told that you are special!
A little later, it happened again. “So, how was your day?” – read another ping while I was being ecstatic in my own bundle of joy.  This friend remembered I had an important thing at work today, and he made sure he asked about it.
Who wouldn’t feel nice about it? To be acknowledged, to be known, to be just, someone!

Was I being pulled inside the very black hole that I created myself?
Do we all overlook the little packets of happiness and joy that moments give us?
Even the people in my head cursed me, for I cancelled their vacation and called them back.
And then, as the day ended, I felt the sadness creep in again.
But wait, there was yet another surprise! A midnight call from a friend that I thought, is just a friend. The call had all the ingredients she and I needed the most. Those thirty minutes of sheer gossip and practicalities of life made me feel even more available in my own world.
The black hole started to shrink. It defied science.
My life was still running, only this time, I matched its pace, with my peace.